Yak Paks Go Digital!

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello Parents!

This is great news! In our continual efforts to partner with you so that we can ensure you are the primary spiritual influence in your kids lives, our monthly Yak Paks are now available here on this site for easy access. All you have to do is visit this site every week and you can access that weeks lesson! We will still have the monthly packets available on campus, but in case you miss out or misplace them, they will be available to you online. Be sure to also follow Next Gen Ministries on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated for all of our activities and events.

Here is a brief explanation of what the Yak Pak provides:

  1. Valuable Information! Every month we provide families with this simple tool that explains what your children are being taught at every level in Next Gen Ministries.
  2. Use the information in the Yak Pak to talk about the bible and your faith anytime, anywhere! Deuteronomy 6:5-9 tells us that it is not some rigid, legalistic ritual that you have to do, but simply a way of life! And the best part is, every child is learning the same thing in every class and at Awana! What a way to reinforce what they heard at church.
  3. Take an opportunity to do a family activity. Families bond when they spend time together. This may be difficult with sports and other activities, as families may be going in different directions, but it is well worth your time to spend time together weekly. You can try the suggested activity in the Yak Pak or you may  think of your own. Our hope is that time is taken to be together and have fun.
  4. Grow up and mature together as a family! The current curriculum that we use will take you through the bible in three years. To help your kids understand the Old Testament as a whole, learners explore it chronologically during the summer and fall quarters. Then winter and spring quarter lessons focus on the New Testament.

Use the Yak Pak however you like. You can read word for word what we have written or you can choose your own words. The sharing and activity time are there as suggestions and a guide. This does not have to be a legalistic strict mandate, but simply a time to share as a family and have fun. We want your family time to be a time of enjoyment and fellowship. Look for the first lesson next week!

Have a great holiday season!


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