Let’s Celebrate

Key Verse: “For to us a child is born, the Prince of Peace”

(Isaiah 9:6)

Our hope is for our kids to know that: Repenting prepares us for Jesus

Read: (Open the bible and read to your child Luke 1:26-45; 2:1-20) Mary and Joseph were engaged to be married and it was known to all. The Jewish culture at that time made them legally bound after they had taken public vowels, so they were married but could not live together until the appointed time. This is why Mary was confused when the angel of the Lord went to visit Mary and tell her she will have a son and he is to be called Jesus. Mary ran to Elizabeth’s house where they both realized something powerful was happening. Jesus was eventually born to Mary and Joseph in a manger. The angels, wise men, and shepherds all came to visit the newborn king. The first Christmas!

(This is an opportunity for you to ask some questions and to share your thoughts) Parents: Talk about a time you were looking forward to a baby being born. What was most exciting about that time? Then discuss ways your family can focus on Jesus’ birth at Christmastime. Find a way to celebrate Jesus this week that’s new to you and will bring deeper meaning to the holiday, such as doing a kindness for another person, attending a special service, or spending time with someone who can celebrate with you. Or start a new Christ-centered tradition at your house. For example, after you open your presents, you might have everyone take a moment to tell why the gift of Jesus’ birth is so special.

Activity/Challenge for Families:
Write a poem explaining why your family celebrates Christmas. Make sure that everyone participates in composing the poem. Enclose the poem in your Christmas cards, on hand the poem out to friends and family as you visit during the Christmas season. Encourage others to remember that Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas!


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