Let’s Celebrate

Key Verse: “For to us a child is born, the Prince of Peace”

(Isaiah 9:6)

Our hope is for our kids to believe that: Jesus is special

(Open the bible and read to your child Luke 2:39-52) When Jesus was twelve he traveled to the Temple in Jerusalem for Passover with his family. After Passover Mary and Joseph left Jerusalem but seem to have forgotten Jesus. This is understandable if you remember that in this culture Mary and Joseph was likely traveling in a caravan with many other family members. It is easy to assume that Jesus was with cousin or other family members. After they made the long trip back to Jerusalem to get Jesus they found him teaching in the Temple. We read that not only was Jesus teaching, but he was answering questions as well! The teachers were impressed by what he understood and by the answers he gave. They knew that Jesus was special even at such a young age!

(This is an opportunity for you to ask some questions and to share your thoughts) Parents: Talk to your children about what it means to you that Jesus is special. Then encourage your family members to explore what “Jesus is special” means to each of them. One of the ways to get to know the “specialness” of Jesus better is simply to spend more time with him. If your family is used to praying aloud together, perhaps at mealtimes, suggest spending time in silence together acknowledging the presence of the Savior with you.

Activity/Challenge for Families:
Gather your family, and look at photo albums together. Share memories about the pictures. Tell how you felt at the time the pictures were taken. After looking at severed pictures, try to imagine Jesus growing up – as a baby, a child, and as a teenager. If possible, go to the library to discover what life was like for children in Jesus’ day. Talk about what made Jesus special. Then thank Jesus for being with your family in each photo collection.


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