Yak Pak Week of December 15th – 21st

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Jesus is Born

Key Verse: “For there is no difference between Jew and Gentile – the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on him, for, ‘Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved’”
(Romans 10:12-13)

Our hope is for our kids to know that: Jesus was born to be our Savior

(Open the bible and read to your child Luke 2:1-20; Hebrews 1:1-4) The book of Luke and the book of Hebrews describe the incarnation (a deity in human form) of Christ in different ways. Luke has historical facts while Hebrews explains how Jesus fits into the big picture. The bottom line is that Jesus is the very Son of God, not just a servant. He is the creator of the universe and God Himself! He brought salvation for us through his death on the cross, and He is now sitting in heaven with God! Jesus is the living Word of God, who came to show us who God is and to make it possible for us to live in a relationship with God himself.

(This is an opportunity for you to ask some questions and to share your thoughts) Parents: Talk with your kids about a time someone forgave you even though you didn’t deserve it. Explain to your kids how you reacted to being forgiven and how that impacted your relationship with that person. Then talk with your kids about the forgiveness God offers each of us through Jesus even though we’ve done nothing to deserve it. Discuss ways your family can begin to share with the people God has placed in your life the exciting news of Jesus’ birth and the salvation he brings.

Activity/Challenge for Families:
This season is one of the best times for families to sing together. Cue up some Christmas music, and spend an evening singing as a family. Pay special attention to the words, and try to name all the carols that refer to telling the good news of Jesus’ birth.


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