Yak Pak Week of January 5th – 11th

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Celebrate New Beginnings

Key Verse: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”
(John 1:1)

Our hope is for our kids to know that: Jesus is God’s Son

(Open the bible and read to your child Matthew 3:13-17) John the Baptist was the cousin of Jesus, whose purpose was to announce the coming Messiah. The baptism of Jesus accomplished many things, one of which is the confirmation that He is indeed the Son of God. We hear God’s voice after Jesus is baptized, and we see the Holy Spirit descending on Jesus in the form of a dove. All three persons of the trinity are present! The power of God is amazing and powerful!

(This is an opportunity for you to ask some questions and to share your thoughts) Parents: Ask your kids to tell you in their own words who Jesus is. If your kids have trouble coming up with an answer, encourage them to share what they know about Jesus. For example, kids might say “Jesus loves me” or “Jesus died on the cross and rose again” or “Jesus performed miracles.” Then explain to your children that Jesus is God, who came to earth in human form. Share with your kids how God sent his only Son to earth to die for our sins so we can have a relationship with him.

Activity/Challenge for Families:
On a big sheet of paper, draw an outline of a person (who will represent Jesus). Write “Jesus is…” at the top of the paper. Give everyone a marker, and let family members write words or draw symbols inside the outline, indicating who Jesus is to them. Continue until everyone runs out of things to write. Then examine what you’ve written, and close with a prayer thanking God for sending Jesus.


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