Yak Pak Week of October 4th – 10th

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Noah Builds the Ark

Our hope is for our kids to know that: God wants us to obey

Key Verse:
“Peter and the other apostles replied: ‘We must obey God rather than men!’” 

(Open the bible and read to your child Genesis 6:5-22) Noah was righteous and found favor with God at a time God was sorry he made man. The assumption is usually that God saw that man was so wicked that he decided to wipe them all off the earth. But if we truly look at the character and nature of God, we see a compassionate God who sees man stuck in a world of sin. Sin had taken over the earth and God had compassion over man. So God instructed Noah to build a huge Ark, so that through Noah and his family mankind can start again.  

Talk with your family about the reasons for rules. Invite your kids to come up with a list of rules in your house that they don’t completely understand. Then, one rule at a time, explain why you created each rule and how they keep your kids from potential harm or simply help your kids find their way to what’s best for them. God’s rules are meant to do the same—to keep us safe and lead us to what’s best for our lives.

Activity/Challenge for Families:
This week determine as a family to obey the people who have authority over you, such as teachers and bosses. Brainstorm ways you can obey without complaining, and help each other practice obedience this week. That means keeping a good attitude about what’s asked of you and following rules. At the end of the week, talk as a family about how successful each member was in obeying. Discuss the benefits of obeying with a positive attitude.



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