Yak Pak Week of October 11th – 17th

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God Floods the Earth

Our hope is for our kids to know that: We can count on God’s promises 

Key Verse:
“The Lord is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made’”
Psalm 145:13

(Open the bible and read to your child Genesis 7-8; 9:8-16) Noah had completed the task of building the ark, and now it was time for the rain to come. God had promised to keep Noah and his family safe and that is what He did. After the rain ceased, Noah had to wait until dry land appeared again, which took nearly a year. It was then that God made another promise, signified by the rainbow. The rainbow will always remind us of God’s promise to Noah and the fact that God always keeps his promises!

Talk about one kept or unkept promise that you’ve experienced. Perhaps your parent promised to take you on a trip and it never happened. What emotions do you remember from that experience? Or perhaps your child promised to clean his room, and before you could check, your child kept the promise. How did that make you feel—happy, proud, satisfied? Then have your kids share examples of promises they’ve experienced. It’s incredible that God keeps all his promises when we live in a world where promises are often broken. Invite each family member to complete the following sentence: “I’m glad God keeps his promises because…”

Activity/Challenge for Families:
Keeping promises is a great habit to form. It allows people to trust you and helps you become a person of integrity. This week, place a jar on your kitchen table. Announce that it’s “Promise-Keeping Week,” and every time someone in your family breaks a promise, that person has to put a quarter into the jar. How many quarters do you think will accumulate in a week? When the week has ended, give the money to a worthy cause, and ask God to help you keep promises always.


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