Yak Pak Week of April 18th -24th

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The Ascension

Our hope is for our kids to know that: Jesus left the Earth, but He will come again

Key Verse: “On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you”
John 14:20

Jesus had stayed on Earth for forty days after he was resurrected. His disciples thought for sure that Jesus was ready to restore the Kingdom. They figured Jesus was there to overthrow the Roman authorities. However, Jesus had a different plan. He wanted his disciples to spread the gospel “to the ends of the Earth”. After he said this he ascended into heaven. Now we all wait for the day for when Jesus will return, in just the same way that he ascended.

The Jesus Connection:
If there were any lingering doubts that Jesus was God, they were silenced at his ascension. During the forty days before the ascension, Jesus had appeared on a number of occasions to the disciples. Each time he was met with doubters (Matthew 28:17). This time, doubt and fear are not mentioned. What a tender moment it was as the Lord said goodbye. For three years these men had lived with the Lord. They had learned much and were arguably the most privileged men on earth. They not only saw the Lord, but they also walked with him, laughed with him, were afraid with him and for him, watched him die, and then saw him rise again.

Jesus blessed them and was taken up into heaven. Their last act was to worship the man they had come to believe was God. From there, they went to the temple, where they praised God continually. Likely the curtain, torn in two at the death of Christ, was sewn together again. These men, however, now understood the gospel. Never again would another sacrifice for sin be needed. Jesus, the Lamb of God, had been slain—for them and for us.


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