Yak Pak Weekend of September 19th/20th

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God Parts the Red Sea

Our hope is for our kids to know that: There is no obstacle big enough to hinder the advance of God’s plan of salvation

Key Verse: “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus” 
Philippians 4:19

(Open the bible and read to your child Exodus 13:1 – 14:31) Moses had been before Pharaoh several times already, and the Passover would be the last. Pharaoh was so upset after losing his son that he told Moses to take the Israelites and go. Unknown to Pharaoh, Moses had prepared the Israelites to leave quickly, so once they were free they wasted little time in departing Egypt. This is a good thing, because after they left Pharaoh changed his mind and chased after them. Once the Israelites saw the Egyptians coming they were frightened. However, God was with them, and He instructed Moses to lead them through the Red Sea. This was made possible because God used Moses and his staff to part the sea which allowed the Israelites to pass on dry ground. God’s plan was fulfilled even when several obstacles stood in the way of that promise. The promise to the Israelites that they would be free.

The Jesus Connection:
Read Exodus 14:8–9; Romans 9:17.
In these passages, we learn something more about God’s purposes. Paul tells us in Romans that it was God who put Pharaoh on the throne of Egypt. He also tells us why. He did it to show his power through the life of Pharaoh, so that God’s name would be proclaimed in all the earth. The story of the parting of the Red Sea has been told millions of times, but often the most important part of the story is not mentioned. Because the Israelites escaped from Pharaoh’s army, one day a child named Jesus was born in Bethlehem to the nation of Israel. To this day, God’s name is proclaimed through the life of Pharaoh and the story of how God parted the Red Sea.


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