Yak Pak Weekend of June 4th/5th

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Jacob and Esau  

Our hope is for our kids to know that: God directs all things from babies to birthrights

19 honor your father and mother,’ and ‘love your neighbor as yourself.”
Matthew 19:19

(Open the bible and read to your child Genesis 25:19-34) When Rebekah was pregnant with twins she could feel the children wrestling inside of her. God revealed to her that she would have twins, where the older would serve the younger. It was unusual that the older would serve the younger, but we see it come true when the boys are older. Jacob who was the younger had made a bowl of stew. When Esau returned from hunting and was hungry, Jacob took advantage of him and offered the stew for Esau’s birthright. That meant when the father dies, the inheritance goes to the one with the birthright. God had a purpose and a plan for Jacob. We can see that God directs all things.

The Jesus Connection:
Read Romans 9:8–15. Have you been wondering why God told Rebekah that her older son would serve the younger? Here, in the book of Romans, God gives us the answer. God wanted to show that he controls everything. By choosing the meeker, younger son over the firstborn, stronger son, God was showing us that he didn’t need man’s strength to accomplish his plans. In the end, God wanted everyone to see that his people are saved by our faith in God alone, not because of when we were born or because of anything we do. God does not save us because we are strong or because we were born first. We are saved by faith (trusting in God’s plan), and even our faith is a gift God gives to us. The most important part of God’s plan to save us was the death of his Son Jesus upon the cross, who died to take our sins away.

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